Here are links to blogs and libraries we recommend, grouped by topic.

Though some blogs, e.g. K-punk, are now dead, in that they are no longer being updated, due in K-punk’s case to its author’s untimely death, all are worth reading.



Ccru (Nick Land, et al)

Hyperstition (Nick Land, Reza Negarestani, Mark Fisher, et al)

Object-oriented Philosophy (Graham Harman)



K-punk (Mark Fisher)

Unqualified Reservations (Curtis “Mencius Moldbug” Yarvin)

Xenosystems (Nick Land)



Citadel Foundations (Mark Citadel)

Gornahoor (Cologero Salvo, et al)

Meditations on the Tarot (ditto)

West Coast Reactionaries (Adam Wallace, Mark Citadel, et al)